May 21, 2017

Coast Sonic is now a Klon Dealer

The legendary tone has landed!

Coast Sonic is very pleased to announce we are now an official dealer for KLON pedals. The KTR is the answer to the stratospheric prices of the beloved original Klon Centuar served up by the original designer himself; Bill Finnegan. Why buy a clone when you can have a Klon.

Shop Klon

April 26, 2017

Introducing Jackson Audio!

The Prism Overdrive is the first offering from Jackson Audio, a new company founded by Brad Jackson and Juan Kyle from Jackson Ampworks and Nigel Hendroff.

For more info and to check the demo visit the Prism page.

March 15, 2017

Dr. No X Troy Van Leeuwen

The highly anticipated new release from Dr. No has finally arrived!

The meeting of two very creative minds has resulted in a two pedal series aimed at capturing some of Troy Van Leewen's (Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, Sweethead, Gone is Gone) signature tones. The first is the "TVL" Octavia which is now shipping! We have a very limited supply of these and they will not last long so act quickly if you're after one!  

Shop Dr. No TVL Octavia


March 02, 2017

Just arrived; The V2 Frazz Dazzler from DR Scientist

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this one, ourselves included!

So what's new on the V2? Same high and higher gain modes as before but now the signal gets an active 3 band equalizer for way more tone control.  Its now got a second stomp switch to go between the gain modes.  Most importantly, its got a new voltage starve control that decreases headroom, raises saturation, and can do really lofi pitchy glitchy tones when turned all the way down.  Lots of new sounds and a new look including gain and volume knobs that light up with LEDs. 

The Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler is now shipping!


February 26, 2017

New Coast Sonic headquarters in the works!

Coast Sonic is on the move! If you live in the San Diego area or are passing through you'll be able to make an appointment to swing by and try out any of the gear we sell in person, even bring your own gear to see how things sound through your rig. We're conveniently located right next to the 5 freeway for easy on/off access for bands traveling between San Diego and Los Angeles.

Details coming soon!


January 17, 2017

New from Chase Bliss; Brothers

The latest from Chase Bliss Audio; Brothers Analog Gainstage

Release date; March 20th/pre-sales February 20th

Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronics, Brothers is built upon two independent JFET / IC analog channels comprising a total of six unique boost, drive, or fuzz circuits in one small enclosure.  The pedal can be routed in thirty-three distinct ways, including mixing them in parallel or changing the order of the effects.  As with every Chase Bliss pedal, you can save everything and recall presets instantly, on-the-fly either on the pedal or with MIDI.  Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Since the control of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects and features that have never been heard or offered in analog stompboxes.

100% Analog Signal Path --- Six independent Effects via Two Independent Channels (A & B) --- Stack A into B, Stack B into A, or Mix Channels in Parallel --- Save-able Presets (2 on board, 6 via “faves” switch, 122 via midi) --- 33 Different Routing Options, All Save-able with Knob Positions --- Channel A features JFET based Boost, OD, Fuzz (Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronic Design™) --- Channel B features IC based Boost, OD, Fuzz (Designed by Chase Bliss Audio™) --- High Headroom, Super Clean Tonestack for Each Channel --- All Parameters Controllable by Expression / CV --- True Bypass or Buffered Bypass selectable by Dip Switch --- Momentary Engage / Kill Mode for Both Channels --- $349 

December 28, 2016

Spaceman has landed at Coast Sonic

Coast Sonic is pleased to announce that Spaceman Effects have landed! Top shelf craftsmanship meets beautiful design.

Spaceman Effects