We love when we come across people who are truly creating something unique and different with their music and our latest Hi-Fives feature Sarah Lipstate is one of those people. Operating under the moniker Noveller, Sarah creates incredibly lush ambient pieces via one guitar and a pedalboard. The originality of her sound has opened the doors to opening slots for St. Vincent and Iggy Pop among others as well as collaborating with like-minded sonic craftsman like Lee Ronaldo.

Give it a quick read to get Sarah's take on everything from performing at the Royal Albert Hall to the delicacy of Reindeer meat.


Top five current favorite pedals: 

  1. EHX Superego has changed my life. I wish I'd bought this pedal years ago.  Thanks, TVL.
  1. Spruce Effects Salt Water Fuzz is so awesome that it's the ONLY fuzz/distortion pedal in my current setup.
  1. Red Panda Lab Particle is my secret weapon.
  1. Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run is versatile AF.
  1. Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall warms up my tone and is full of surprises. 


Top five venue experiences:  

  1. Royal Albert Hall in London opening for Iggy Pop.  No explanation needed!  When I walked out on stage I could barely catch my breath. 
  1. Tempodrom in Berlin is an architectural wonder.  One of my favorite venue exteriors.
  1. The Cloisters in NYC. I played outdoors overlooking the medieval garden for the New York Guitar Festival.
  1. The New York Public Library Main Reading Room. I was playing in Ben Frost's guitar ensemble in this incredible space. Didn't hurt that Brian Eno introduced the performance. Magical.
  1. Silo City in Buffalo, NY. The natural resonance inside this concrete silo was incredible. I almost felt that I could have performed without my pedalboard!


Top five worst jobs you’ve held

  1. Cleaning rental brass band instruments.  I had the pleasure of scrubbing used trumpets and trombones in a shack behind a music store as my first summer job.  One time I dipped a coronet into a vat of acid solution and a cockroach floated out.
  1. Assistant Dog Euthanizer. My younger sister is a veterinarian and she recently began a mobile vet practice. Her second-ever house call was to euthanize a large elderly lab who was paralyzed from the waist down.  She needed help moving the dog so I donned scrubs and become her assistant angel of death.
  1. Slinging Headphones and Record Players to European Tourists. I worked retail on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg for a summer when things were slow in the music business. 
  1. Digitizing the Bible. My 2nd job after I moved to NYC was working for a digital content startup. I was hired before the holiday season and my first task was ripping DVDs of different versions of the Bible being read aloud. 
  1. Record store clerk. This would typically be an awesome job but unfortunately I ended up working for a creep who got busted for selling bootlegs. I think we also sold knives at one point. Only in Louisiana, folks.


Top five things to spend five bucks on:

  1. A really great cappuccino
  1. Pack of guitar strings
  1. Another cappuccino 
  1. Topo Chico
  1. Hot Sauce


Top five things that confuse you:

  1. Maps. I get lost everywhere I go. I think it's a form of geographical dyslexia. 
  1. Sports. They don't make any sense 
  1. Conservative Politics.  They don't make any sense 
  1. Cats. How can love and indifference coexist so seamlessly in one tiny being?
  1. Boys. See above. 


Top five vocalists you could picture working with

  1. Laurie Anderson
  1. Laurie Anderson
  1. Laurie Anderson
  1. Laurie Anderson
  1. Laurie Anderson


Top five things about living in a city with winter

  1. Winter is lame
  1. Snow sucks
  1. Snow boots are the worst
  1. Which block of ice is my car?
  1. I hate winter


Top five foods to avoid

  1. Reindeer. I ate canned reindeer meatballs while staying with my friend in Norway years ago. Let's just leave reindeer alone, ok?
  1. Cilantro. It tastes like stink bugs. At least, what I imagine stink bugs taste like. 
  1. Octopus. No. Just no. 
  1. Pork. Pigs are smart and adorable. Don't eat them. 

    5.  Alligator. This is a big one in Louisiana. Does fishy chicken appeal to anyone?


Top five films:

  1. Woman in the Dunes by Hiroshi Teshigahara
  1. Down by Law by Jim Jarmusch
  1. Picnic at Hanging Rock by Peter Weir
  1. Persona by Ingmar Bergman
  1. Eraserhead by David Lynch 


Check out more of Noveller here.

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