March 02, 2017

Just arrived; The V2 Frazz Dazzler from DR Scientist

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this one, ourselves included!

So what's new on the V2? Same high and higher gain modes as before but now the signal gets an active 3 band equalizer for way more tone control.  Its now got a second stomp switch to go between the gain modes.  Most importantly, its got a new voltage starve control that decreases headroom, raises saturation, and can do really lofi pitchy glitchy tones when turned all the way down.  Lots of new sounds and a new look including gain and volume knobs that light up with LEDs. 

The Dr. Scientist Frazz Dazzler is now shipping!


February 26, 2017

New Coast Sonic headquarters in the works!

Coast Sonic is on the move! If you live in the San Diego area or are passing through you'll be able to make an appointment to swing by and try out any of the gear we sell in person, even bring your own gear to see how things sound through your rig. We're conveniently located right next to the 5 freeway for easy on/off access for bands traveling between San Diego and Los Angeles.

Details coming soon!


January 17, 2017

New from Chase Bliss; Brothers

The latest from Chase Bliss Audio; Brothers Analog Gainstage

Release date; March 20th/pre-sales February 20th

Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronics, Brothers is built upon two independent JFET / IC analog channels comprising a total of six unique boost, drive, or fuzz circuits in one small enclosure.  The pedal can be routed in thirty-three distinct ways, including mixing them in parallel or changing the order of the effects.  As with every Chase Bliss pedal, you can save everything and recall presets instantly, on-the-fly either on the pedal or with MIDI.  Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed. Since the control of the effect is digital, it opens up unprecedented effects and features that have never been heard or offered in analog stompboxes.

100% Analog Signal Path --- Six independent Effects via Two Independent Channels (A & B) --- Stack A into B, Stack B into A, or Mix Channels in Parallel --- Save-able Presets (2 on board, 6 via “faves” switch, 122 via midi) --- 33 Different Routing Options, All Save-able with Knob Positions --- Channel A features JFET based Boost, OD, Fuzz (Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronic Design™) --- Channel B features IC based Boost, OD, Fuzz (Designed by Chase Bliss Audio™) --- High Headroom, Super Clean Tonestack for Each Channel --- All Parameters Controllable by Expression / CV --- True Bypass or Buffered Bypass selectable by Dip Switch --- Momentary Engage / Kill Mode for Both Channels --- $349 

December 28, 2016

Spaceman has landed at Coast Sonic

Coast Sonic is pleased to announce that Spaceman Effects have landed! Top shelf craftsmanship meets beautiful design.

Spaceman Effects

December 22, 2016

Hi-Fives with Earthquaker Devices' Jamie Stillman


For this edition of the World-Famous Coast Sonic Hi-Fives we've managed to pester EarthQuaker Devices head-honcho Jamie Stillman with our rather pointless series of Top 5 questions.  Give it a read to get Jamie's take on strange office build-outs, shelved experiments and the best products to invest your money on at random truckstops.


Top five things about running your own company

  1. Believing I can do whatever I want with my time.
  2. Getting to travel.
  3. Making the pedals I wish existed.
  4. Working with my wife and employing our friends.
  5. Being able to hire people who have way more expertise at running a company of our size.


Top five things that tend to interfere with said company

  1. Not actually being able to do whatever I want with my time.
  2. Travel
  3. Ridiculous problems I never knew could exist.
  4. My ability to procrastinate on everything.
  5. The amount of meetings it takes to know what’s going on in a company of our size.


Top five pedal names that didn’t make the cut

  1. Deal Roller
  2. Amp Hammer (1 and 2)
  3. Sonic Reducer
  4. Surprise Machine
  5. Arc Chute


Top five reasons people think you should send them free gear

  1. They are “artists”
  2. They are “up and coming artists”
  3. They can get us in front of “soooo many people”
  4. They’ll put our name on their shirts
  5. They can’t afford it


Top five experiments that didn’t see the light of day

  1. Envelope controlled delay
  2. Dirty envelope filter
  3. Arpeggio Delay
  4. A whole series of experiments based around a robot voice modulator
  5. Eno machine- 5 Dispatch Master in 1 box


Top five reasons to call in sick

  1. I’m laying out PCB’s and can’t be distracted
  2. I got something new that I need to “test out”
  3. I’d rather play music
  4. I’m travelling
  5. I’m actually sick


Top five things we don’t know about EQD

  1. I’m constantly working on building the best fuzz face.
  2. If you have seen a facebook post, we’ve probably had a meeting about it.
  3. I don’t have any formal training in electronics, I just go for it and hope for the best.
  4. We currently have a maze and a makeshift space station built in our warehouse.
  5. I’m not actually running the company, my wife Julie and a lot of our employees make all the important decisions.

Top five truck stop impulse purchases

  1. A whole gallery of velvet paintings
  2. Corn Cob pipe
  3. Child sized cowboy hat
  4. Gold aviators that slightly magnified
  5. Eagles greatest hits CD


Top five embarrassing riffs you can play

I’m not necessarily embarrassed by these, but, you know…

  1. “More than words” by Extreme
  2. Some 3rd eye blind song that I don’t know the name of
  3. “Black or White”- Michael Jackson
  4. “Party in the USA”- Miley Cyrus
  5. “Your smiling Face”- James Taylor (this song actually rips)


Top five drummers

Drums are my first (and probably favorite) instrument so, here’s 10 in no particular order: 

  1. John Bonham
  2. Steve Shelley
  3. John Theodore
  4. Billy Cobham
  5. Brooks Headley
  6. Bill Bruford
  7. Todd Trainer
  8. Bill Ward
  9. Dale Crover
  10. Steven Drozd


Check out Jamie and the crew at Earthquaker Devices fine handiwork.

December 04, 2016

Geartalk & Coast Sonic present Battle of the Blands **Updated**

Gear talk & Coast Sonic present the second annual "Battle of the Blands"  


Update: Finalists have been chosen and voting is open! Cast your vote here.

On instagram and elsewhere thousands of guitar riffs are uploaded daily, most of them uninspiring and rather, well….bland.  

We’re looking to battle the blands with the unique, the original, the out of the box or the down right bizarre. We’re not after the technical best, the fastest or the most proficient. We're looking for something inspiring and creative.  

Rules: There are none. (other than it must be your original work, no covers)  

How to enter: Upload a 15-20 second clip to instagram with the hashtag: #coastsonicbattle

Entries are open through midnight PST Sunday December 11th after which our judges will select 10 finalists which will be posted on intagram on Wednesday the 14th - from there whichever clip has the most likes by Midnight on the 18th will be the champion! Winner take all.

So what's up for grabs? This year 10 of Coast Sonic's favorite builders have come together to offer up over 2,000$ worth of pedals - some of them custom or one-of-a-kind editions. 

Prize package:

Dwarfcraft - She Fuzz & Baby Thunder

Dr Scientist -  Bitquest

Fuzzrocious - Dark Driving

TomKat - DayDreamer

Chase Bliss - Spectre

Alexander - Jubilee

Beetronics - Whoctahell

Mantic - Flex XS

smallsound/bigsound - Buzzz

Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Mondegreen


Be sure and be following @geartalk and @coastsonic for contest updates and news!

A huge thanks to our sponsors: Dwarfcraft Devices / Fuzzrocious / Mantic / Old Blood Noise Endeavors / Alexander / Chase Bliss / Dr. Scientist / Beetronics / TomKat / smallsoundbigsound


November 24, 2016

Black Friday Event!


All Keeley Electronics 25% off with code KEELEY25

JHS Pedals 15% off with code JHS15

Walrus Audio 20% off with code WAL20

Plus a number of brands that are usually excluded from sales are 15% off this weekend only! Save on Catalinbread, ZVEX, Chase Bliss and more!

15% off store-wide with code SAVE15 - shop now!

Sale end at midnight Monday!