January 05, 2023

Josh Williams Guitars now at Coast Sonic!

Coast Sonic is very pleased to announce we are now a dealer for Josh Williams Guitars!

Handmade by Josh Williams and his team right down the road from us in Carlsbad, California. Favored by players such as Ariel Posen, Josh Smith, Joey Landreth, Jules The Wolf (Justin Bieber), Tim Stewart (Lady Gaga) and many others. 

Our first delivery is now in in stock!

December 09, 2022

Hi-Fives with Sacha Dunable of Dunable Guitars

We're pleased to announce that we've finally resurrected our old Hi-Fives feature! The Hi-Fives is where we pester the folks behind the brands we carry with a series of pointless top five questions for our own amusement.

To start things off we're happy to report that Dunable Guitar's honcho Sacha Dunable was able to put up with this nonsense thus allowing us to waste both his time and yours! Thanks Sacha!

Read on:

Top five best things about running your own company
1. freedom to wear dirty heavy metal T-shirts every day when you’re 41
2. making things that put a smile on peoples faces
3. financial freedom for about 20 minutes a year
4. getting to hang out with your best friends (employees) who are always nice to you (because you pay them)
5. not having a boss who is less intelligent and talented than you and treats you like a jerk (unrelated to #4)
Top five things that interfere with running said company
1. Covid-era shipping services
2. Every conceivable hiccup in manufacturing happening 100% of the time 
3. Credit card fraud
4. Customers treating you like you’re Amazon 
5. IG/FB deciding to change their algorithms so that all of a sudden 1/10th of your usual engagements see anything you post on the one form of advertising you’ve relied on for almost ten years, forcing you to read some unbearable blog article about how to master social media, something I wish I could spend more of my time on.
Top five foods to avoid
1. Dunlop Lemon oil
2. Sawdust off the woodshop floor
3. Humbucker Helper™️ 
4. Stewmac Fret Butter (just take my word for it)
5. Carbonara fiber reinforcement rods 
Top five fictional artists
1. Spinal Tap
2. Crucial Taunt
3. The Lone Rangers 
4. Wyld Stallyns 
5. Blues Hammer 
Top five things that confuse you
1. PRS rotary wiring 
2. Line vs Mic level 
3. 7 strings or more on a guitar (no shade it’s just confusing to me)
4. The popularity of most music
5. What a buffer does
Top five worst jobs you’ve held
1. KFC
2. Temp agency placement in department store warehouses 
3. Telemarketing/sales (I was let go after two hours so take your pick on what part of the equation was so bad)
4. Restaurant gig where every day, the owner took 25% of the top jar, pooled with the three employees on staff
5. Touring in a bus with 14 recreational drug users (could also go on “best jobs” list)
Top five ways to spend 5 bucks
1. Two rolls of toilet paper for the assembly shop because they will be out
2. If sufficient, bribe Uline to stop sending their phone book-sized catalogs with every weekly guitar box delivery, considering we punt them out the door into the dumpster without even opening them, as a tribute to the poor tree (or trees) who gave their life.
3. A coffee/spinach/spirulina smoothie doordashed from movita (delicious)
4. Tip the Tuesday morning cleaning service 
5. Have all delinquent invoices professionally printed so we can livestream us publicly shaming them.
Top five albums for long drives
1. Mogwai - As the love continues 
2. Meshuggah - Chaosphere 
3. Jaga Jazzist - The Tower
4. Yes - Close To The Edge
5. Unsane- Visqueen 
Top five most embarrassing songs on your phone
1. Elvis - As recorded live at Madison square garden
2. Intronaut 
3. Intronaut 
4. Intronaut 
5. Intronaut 
Check out Sacha and the team's work from Dunable Guitars
Visit the archive of past Hi-Fives
April 02, 2022

Introducing the Coast Sonic X Bilt Guitars California Collection

Coast Sonic has teamed up with Bilt Guitars to create the "California Collection" featuring the new Bilt Amp and a series of Bilt models all hand crafted from full grained Sassafras finished in transparent white with gold hardware; a nod to the classic 50's Mary Kaye style.

The Killers' Dave Keuning stops by Coast Sonic to demo the new amp and the collection of guitars!

See the full collection here: Bilt Guitars

February 16, 2022

New from Silktone Amps: Germanium fuzz with active bias monitoring

The Silktone Fuzz, a 2 transistor fuzz with a patent pending active bias monitor to help you lock in those “sweet spots". Want fat sticky fuzz? Dial it past 8.00. Prefer that oh, so sweet sweet sweet spot? Dial it to ~4.50. Want spitty gated fuzz? Cool, me too - dial it to ~1.10. Add a cleanup knob to get you into crunch/clean boost territory with beautifully musical germanium color and you have one of the most useable, versatile fuzzes to date.

Visit the Silktone Fuzz page for more info

October 01, 2020

Introducing the JHS 3 Series!


 Introducing the new 3 Series from JHS Pedals!

The 3 Series is a collection of pedals designed to give you affordability and simplicity without compromising quality.

Made in the USA in Kansas City, MO, using high-quality parts, quality control, and attention to every detail. Each pedal has three simple controls and one toggle that offer a wide range of sounds, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. 

Shop JHS:

May 26, 2020

The 2020 Coast Sonic Battle of the Blands : Isolation Edition


** Note: we are extending the Battle of the Blands deadline until June 12th**


We’re in an unprecedented time.

With the entire world finding itself with a whole lot of time on it’s hands recently we thought it might be a good time to check in on how folks had been spending their time on lockdown.

Isolation can be rather bland so Coast Sonic is looking to Battle the Blands with the unique, the original, the out of the box or the down right bizarre. We want to hear the fruits of your lock-down labor. We’re not after the technical best, the fastest or the most proficient. We're looking for something inspired, something unique, out of the box or just down right bizarre.

The Rules:

1. There are none. (except it must be an original work)


How to enter: Upload a 15-20 second clip to instagram with the hashtag: #coastsonicbattle

Entries are open through midnight PST June 5th

Our Judges will select 10 finalists which will be posted on intagram a few days later for voting, whichever clip receives the most likes will be the winner. 

 Winner take all.

**PLEASE NOTE: If the winner is located outside of the USA the winner would be responsible for paying any duties/customs fees/import taxes levied by their country.


 Our friends over at Demos in the Dark give you the run-down on what's up for grabs.



August 07, 2019

Heritage Guitars now at Coast Sonic!

We are very pleased to announce that Coast Sonic is now an official dealer for Heritage Guitars.

In the late 1800s, Orville Gibson arrived in Kalamazoo and began designing his own range of mandolins. Over time his company grew to become one of the world’s premier musical instrument manufacturers. Some of the finest, most famous and most sought after guitars in the world were built at 225 Parsons Street. In the eighties Gibson closed up their operations at the historic Parsons St building and moved headquarters to Nashville. After the brand left town some of the former senior employees wanted to continue the tradition of handcrafting beautiful, high quality electric guitars in Kalamazoo. In the spring of 1985, they bought space at the iconic factory, much of the original guitar-making equipment, and the rest is history. 

The original name left town but the craftsman, the equipment, the knowledge and the Kalamazoo guitar building legacy remained. Today Heritage builds the World's finest American-made guitars.

Shop in stock Heritage Guitars