For this edition of the world-famous hi-fives we venture across the Atlantic to check in with the infamous Dr. No at his sonic laboratory in Einhoven, Netherlands. The good doctor embodies everything we love in a brand; supreme quality builds, great artwork, unique concepts and that made made touch in everything he does. From start to finish the good doctor's projects are true hand made works of art. So we thought we'd interrupt his creation process with some pointless questions, enjoy!


Top five best things about running your own company

  1. Freedom
  2. No Boss
  3. Able to create your own spaced out work environment
  4. Playing Guitar at work
  5. having inspiring friends over for fun during work time. 


Top five people you’d love to collaborate with

  1. Prince Rogers Nelson (actualy made him a funcky badass purple gold wah, but that chance was never given to me, it's now in my vault) 
  2. Noveller 
  3. Frank Zappa
  4. Iggy Pop
  5. And the biggest Mac of all Mr Hendrix


Top five current pedals you wish you’d made

One thing I don't do is look around to see what is going on or available. I strictly work in a bubble to avoid being distracted. Also one of the reasons I never participate or visit those big music events like NAMM or Musik Messe. My and enthousiasm about my work and creating as well as focus gets distracted and causeless by it.


Top five things about being based in the Netherlands

there is actually nothing positive about being based in the Netherlands when it comes to having my Company based there. I hate the weather, the politics and conservative mind here. The Dutch Music Industry in particular, is extremely conservative, the prefer the in line grey mouses, that are safe. Some European or Dutch fans and users appriciate me being innovative and colorfull here wich I love and  appreciate a lot, don't get me wrong, but  I pawned my heart to and focused myself and my brand to the more open minded America. Always knew Holland or the Netherlands was a difficult place to focus on and station in. If it wasn't because of my American friends and users, and only focussed on my homeland, the name was changed into " Bankruptcy Effects" a long time ago...ha. So thank you US Fuzzdudes and Fuzzerettes! 


Top five dream guitars

  1. everything of The Amazing EchoPark Guitars
  2. Maton MS 500
  3. Pichel Hammer 9
  4. Maton MS 503
  5. any good Strat. 


Top five foods you’re scared of

  1. Kutti Pi (Indian Embryo dish)
  2. Balut
  3. Chinese Century Eggs
  4. Organ meat
  5. Coca Cola (because of the "plant extracts" of course... who would consume plant juice?...)


Top five riffs to test pedals

Actually I rarely or never play others riffs as a musician or when I test pedals. Sorry.


Top five famous Doctors

  1. Hippocrates
  2. James Parkinson
  3. Dr. Evil
  4. Dr. Phil
  5. Dr. David Ores


Top five non-guitar related things to do

  1. My Girl 
  2. Cook (as I am a chef by origin)
  3. Creating concepts of all kind and practice them
  4. Hang with friends
  5. Build Guitar Effects...ooops.


Top five things you’d rather be doing than answering these top fives

  1. Make Pedals
  2. Make Pedals
  3. Make Pedals
  4. Make Pedals
  5. Make Pedals


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