Gear talk & Coast Sonic present the second annual "Battle of the Blands"  


Update: Finalists have been chosen and voting is open! Cast your vote here.

On instagram and elsewhere thousands of guitar riffs are uploaded daily, most of them uninspiring and rather, well….bland.  

We’re looking to battle the blands with the unique, the original, the out of the box or the down right bizarre. We’re not after the technical best, the fastest or the most proficient. We're looking for something inspiring and creative.  

Rules: There are none. (other than it must be your original work, no covers)  

How to enter: Upload a 15-20 second clip to instagram with the hashtag: #coastsonicbattle

Entries are open through midnight PST Sunday December 11th after which our judges will select 10 finalists which will be posted on intagram on Wednesday the 14th - from there whichever clip has the most likes by Midnight on the 18th will be the champion! Winner take all.

So what's up for grabs? This year 10 of Coast Sonic's favorite builders have come together to offer up over 2,000$ worth of pedals - some of them custom or one-of-a-kind editions. 

Prize package:

Dwarfcraft - She Fuzz & Baby Thunder

Dr Scientist -  Bitquest

Fuzzrocious - Dark Driving

TomKat - DayDreamer

Chase Bliss - Spectre

Alexander - Jubilee

Beetronics - Whoctahell

Mantic - Flex XS

smallsound/bigsound - Buzzz

Old Blood Noise Endeavors - Mondegreen


Be sure and be following @geartalk and @coastsonic for contest updates and news!

A huge thanks to our sponsors: Dwarfcraft Devices / Fuzzrocious / Mantic / Old Blood Noise Endeavors / Alexander / Chase Bliss / Dr. Scientist / Beetronics / TomKat / smallsoundbigsound


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