The world-famous Coast Sonic Hi-Fives is our regular feature where we pester our favorite builders and players who usually have much better things to be doing but yet still manage to put up with our inane series of top five questions.

This time around we're wasting Mr. Dave Catching's time! Some will know Dave as the proprietor of the legendary Rancho De La Luna studios - birthplace of a wide range of incredible albums, others may be familiar with him for holding down guitar duties for Eagles of Death Metal/Earthlings?/Masters of Reality/Mojave Lords and a host of others.


Top Five all time favorite pedals:

  1. Dr.No Roadrunner Fuzz Octave Wah Flying Machine
  2. Jim Dunlop Echoplex
  3. TC Electronics Spark
  4. Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master
  5. Creepy Fingers Hari Kari Fuzz

 Top Five ways to pass time on a long haul drive:

  1. reading great books
  2. watching movies
  3. talking
  4. sleeping
  5. laughing

 Top Five truckstop purchases:

  1. bad trucker hats
  2. bad t shirts 
  3. bad dvds
  4. bad food
  5. bad stickers

 Top Five favorite guitar sounds on record:

  1. ROBERT FRIPP ...babys on fire from ENO, here come the warm jets
  2. ACE FREHLEY ...strange ways on KISS hotter than hell
  3. JIMI HENDRIX axis:bold as love
  4. BILLY F GIBBONS zz top - tres hombres
  5. MICK RONSON anything he does

 Top Five venues to play:

  1. reading festival main stage
  2. commodore ballroom vancouver
  3. one eyed jacks new orleans
  4. dba new orleans
  5. ryman auditorium nashville 

 Top Five historical bearded figures:

  1. samson
  2. billy f gibbons
  3. rasputin
  4. hans langseth
  5. leonardi da vinci

 Top Five most embarrassing songs on phone/ipod:

  1. take on me : A-Ha
  2. prince charming : Adam and the Ants
  3. hollywood nights : Bob Seger
  4. i touch myself : DIVINYLS
  5. i ran : FLOCK OF SEAGULLS 

 Top Five favorite dishes to cook:

  1. bbq brisket
  2. pot roast
  3. roasted potatoes
  4. stir fry vegetables 
  5. black bean soup

 Top Five things about having your own studio:

  1. I can play drums here
  2. I can record anytime i want
  3. great friends/bands record here
  4. Rancho de la Luna is located in Joshua Tree, one of my favorite places
  5. I work in the place I love

 Top Five things that confuse you:

  1. top 5 lists
  2. thinking of things for top 5 lists
  3. the music business
  4. musicians
  5. i confuse myself


Check out the Dave Catching/Dr.No Roadrunner Flying Machine

 Stalk Dave on instagram: @itookthisphoto


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