We are very pleased to announce that Coast Sonic is now an official dealer for Heritage Guitars.

In the late 1800s, Orville Gibson arrived in Kalamazoo and began designing his own range of mandolins. Over time his company grew to become one of the world’s premier musical instrument manufacturers. Some of the finest, most famous and most sought after guitars in the world were built at 225 Parsons Street. In the eighties Gibson closed up their operations at the historic Parsons St building and moved headquarters to Nashville. After the brand left town some of the former senior employees wanted to continue the tradition of handcrafting beautiful, high quality electric guitars in Kalamazoo. In the spring of 1985, they bought space at the iconic factory, much of the original guitar-making equipment, and the rest is history. 

The original name left town but the craftsman, the equipment, the knowledge and the Kalamazoo guitar building legacy remained. Today Heritage builds the World's finest American-made guitars.

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