Zvex Effects Sonar Tremolo Vexter Series

$219.00 USD
By Zvex

Maker: Zvex

Model: Sonar

Condition: New




Yes, the SonarTM is a “tremolo” pedal, but this one’s differ- ent. This unit has the ability to chop up any signal you send into or out of it. Unlike most other tremolos, it can cut down your high gain signal to silence. It can also sound gorgeous- ly transparent like a traditional tremolo. It does other fun stuff like increase or decrease tempo, duty cycle (amount of time the trem is ON in a given cycle), or both simultaneously on the fly. It also has tap tempo and a slew of advanced features (attack, release, and depth controls). Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it has a famed ZVEX “Machine” circuit built right into the box.


Plug your guitar into the input jack and your amp into the output jack (or you might mix it with other pedals). It can be anywhere in the chain, but if you are using it in “Machine” mode you might want to put it before other dirt boxes to hear it cut through those effects. Please refer to the “Ma- chine” documentation for more information on that effect.


Hidden functions accessed by pressing and holding the Tap Tempo switch. They are described in greater detail on the back of this page.


= Hidden Function


  1. Volume: Park this all the way clockwise for slightly over unity gain. If you need more gain (on either “clean” or “machine” modes), a trimmer is inside the pedal that can be pushed harder clockwise. This will break-up the “clean” signal though.

  2. Speed: Manual control of tempo

2a. Attack: Controls how quickly audio reaches peak volume of tremolo

3. Duty: Controls duration of peak audio, the “on” portion of tremolo

3a. Release: Controls how quickly audio ramps down from peak

4. Delta: Controls the rate of change when unit is in “Arrow Up/Down Mode”

4a. Depth: Controls minimum volume of quiet portion of tremolo


1. Bypass: Effect On/Off

2. Tap Tempo: Calculates tempo by taking the last two user taps. Always overrides a manually set tempo. The pedal will allow tempos as slow as 4 seconds per cycle.

2A. This switch also functions as a “shift key” to access Hidden Wave Shaping functions

  1. Clean / Machine mini toggle switch: “Clean” is a rela- tively clean sound based on our Super Hard On boost. “Machine” is our gnarly cross-over distortion circuit.

  2. Tap Tempo mini toggle switch - Allows user to set tempo to 2x or 4x original tap rate.

  3. Arrow Up /Down - Controls the up or down direction of auto parameter change, also selects which parameters are being changed. Please refer to the back of this page for more detail on this function.


The SonarTM draws about 10mA and can be powered with
a 9V battery (remove the four screws on the bottom for re- placement) or any standard filtered/regulated musical 9VDC power supply with a Boss-style connector (negative-tip bar- rel connector). We recommend using an alkaline 9V battery but a carbon-zinc battery (shipped with the unit) will work.


Your SonarTM is warranted for 1 year from date of purchase, or 2 years if you send in your warranty card.