Wren and Cuff The Your Face '60

$209.99 USD

Maker: Wren and Cuff

Model: The Your Face '60

Condition: New


Description:  (All of the references below are in comparison to a traditional 60’s style Fuzz Face and/or their clones).

•    Two genuine vintage (no remakes!) germanium transistors with slightly higher gains than most for a slightly hotter sound than most 60’s style Fuzz Faces. I don’t like to tell the transistor numbers and they are obscured because the genuine-vintage type I like are becoming harder and harder to find.
•    Modified for higher output volume.
•    Reverse-log fuzz potentiometer that allows for finer tuning of the amount of fuzz applied.
•    Period-correct carbon composition resistors
•    Mullard “tropical fish” out-cap with increased value to allow more lows to come through.
•    Custom “You” knob functions as a low-cut to allow for fine tuning of the lows let into the circuit
A fat, buttery fuzz that responds to the guitar’s volume knob beautifully and allows you to tailor the sound for your specific needs.