Wren and Cuff Super Russian

$224.99 USD

Maker: Wren and Cuff

Model: Super Russian

Condition: New



What is it? 

Muff side:

  • Take one of our renowned Tall Font Russian 90’s muff recreations.

  • Add a bit more heat/output

  • Add a toggle with the option to remove the traditional muff mid-scoop eq, and flatten out the mid response

  • And finally, add the fabled “Creamy Dreamer” mod to send things into a rich hyper-drive on command

Buffer-boost side:

A separate crystal clear transparent germanium buffered boost section before the muff to push things even harder if needed. This buffered boost can also be used on its own as a beautiful clean tool to beef up your clean tone, or use it to push another pedal later down the chain.

Even without the muff, you’ll find it hard to turn off the germanium goodness on tap.

Internal order:

Guitar—> Clean Boost—> Tall Font Muff—> Amp