Wren and Cuff Forest for the Trees

$299.99 USD

Maker: Wren and Cuff

Model: Forest for the Trees

Condition: New



Many of us remember fiddling with the tiny DIP switches on one the most famous analog amp modelers of all time. There was something satisfying in the simplicity of flicking switches and creating tones with such ease.

That was the inspiration for the Forest for the Trees. A true muff lovers dream with a near endless palette of possibilities at your fingertips. 100% analog in all ways, and 100% fun for days.

Adjust the muff circuit at 20 different points, switch between germanium or silicon transistors, completely bypass the tone section for a whole other pallet of tones and more. Over 4 million possible unique settings at your fingertips.

In order to truly understand all that is possible with the Forest for the Trees, we encourage you to download the manual and give it a look. You’ll find examples, suggestions and more!