Union Tube & Transistor Snap Treble Booster

$295.00 USD

Maker: Union Tube & Transistor

Model: Snap Treble Booster

Condition: New 



The Snap takes the concept behind the POP but replaces the sharp treble booster with a smoother one and adds a third centre knob to reintroduce bass. Fans of Brian May type riffs may find something for them here.

Power Requirements +9VDC @40mA


The POP is similar to our Tone Druid but with the MORE section of the circuit replaced by a treble booster so.... treble booster > (simulated)12ax7 > master volume. Allowing you to achieve some of the nice studio tricks one might use a treble booster hitting a tube but without the volume jump you might expect from a traditional treble booster in a live context.