Two Notes Audio Engineering C.A.B. M+

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Maker: Two Notes Audio Engineering

Model: C.A.B. M+

Condition: New



Torpedo C.A.B. M+ is a powerful pedal platform providing the ideal foundation to build incredible tones without your amps or cabinets. It offers a studio grade, amp-free rig loaded with 32 premium DynIR Virtual Cabinets, each coming with a choice of 12 room emulations and 8 mics. Building on the success of the acclaimed Torpedo C.A.B. M, the C.A.B. M+ includes a stunning clean preamp, refined power amps, enhancer, tuner, expanded reverbs and noise gate.

Effortlessly control your miking chain

Shape your tone directly on the hardware or control your C.A.B. M+ via your computer with Torpedo Remote USB in a home / studio environment. For convenient tone tweaking on stage, you can also pair your Torpedo hardware with your phone (or tablet) via Wireless Torpedo Remote (iOS / Android).

No other pedal offers such universal control of the miking chain - with dual miking available on every cabinet you may never use a real mic again. With our unique Dynamic IR / Virtual Cabinet technology – each cabinet contains the equivalent of 160,000 static IRs.

Your tube amp can stay at home


Fed up with lifting heavy cabinets? Suffering inconsistent sound from room to room? Go direct to the PA or audio interface with studio grade virtual cabinet simulations. Why settle for static IRs when Dynamic IRs(DynIR) offer incredible tone tweaking options? Place legendary microphones both in front and behind the cabinet and move the mics on or off axis in real-time.

The preamp and power amp sections can be independently engaged. Therefore, you can place the C.A.B. M+ between your tube amp and a reactive load box to create a ‘silent stage’ or use the Torpedo C.A.B. M+ with your favourite preamp pedal. This flexibility coupled with DynIR technology and comprehensive I/O, makes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ your secret weapon - no matter how your rig evolves at home, on stage or in the studio.

New effects - new cabinets
The Torpedo C.A.B. M+ also comes with an all new selection of 32 premium DynIR Virtual Cabinets, including official cabinet captures from Celestion, Engl and Victory Amplification.

Multiple routing options

Place your Torpedo C.A.B. M between your tube amp and your speaker to ensure you get the full experience of your amp tone direct to the desk. With this, the Two Notes cab sim will make your FOH or DAW tone as incredible as what is coming from your speaker. With 32 Virtual Cabinets in the unit and over 300 more in the Two notes library, you no longer have to compromise with a handful of stock IRs made by someone else.

Pedals have come a long way in the last 25 years and many players use them to build their tone. With the new clean preamp and a choice of 8 power amps to choose from makes the Torpedo C.A.B. M the perfect clean pedal platform. Place the Torpedo C.A.B. M at the end of your board and go direct to your P.A. or audio interface – the silence in your playing area will be golden, but your tone will still be roaring where it matters the most.

If you can’t find the sound you need from our incredible selection of Dynamic IRs and have regular static IRs that are perfect for you, load them directly on the included memory card and play through a mix of two IRs at once with the Torpedo C.A.B. M.

The powerful onboard DSP allows all this processing to happen with the minimum of latency - even with the maximum IR length of 200ms the sound will hit you without any audible delay.

Enhance your tone

The Torpedo C.A.B. M+ update brings studio grade processing direct to your pedal board, including Enhancer, Noise Gate, Reverb and a semi-parametric Equaliser.

Sometimes you need a touch of magic to get the sound you are chasing – the Enhancer is a combination of dynamic and tone shaping tools, specifically tailored for your guitar or bass. Thickness and Brilliance emphasize the low and high ends of your tone and the body control will expand your tone making it fuller right there where you need it.

With its no-nonsense release control switch and noise threshold learn function, keep all the signal, none of the floor noise.

Two notes include 8 rooms to add ambience and life to your guitar tone. From Halls to Cathedral to Crypt through Bathroom and Studios, you can get totally lost in the perfect audio environment.

A low shelf with an additional 5 band semi-parametric EQ, you can perfectly sculpt your tone at source - by the time it hits the desk you know it is ready to go live, exactly as you envision it. You no longer have to be at the mercy of the unknown - it's your tone, you decide how it is heard.

Included Cabinets, Clean Amp & Effects
Torpedo C.A.B. M+ comes with a carefully picked selection of 32 Two notes cabinets, a clean preamp based on an all original '74 SilverFace B'man, tube poweramp emulations and a wide range of effects designed to shape your tone the way you hear it in your head.


  • BDeLuxe: Inspired by Fender® Blues Deluxe 1×12
  • BigBeast: Inspired by 4×12 Zilla cabinet with Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers
  • BoGreen: Inspired by Bogner® 4×12 Greenbacks G12M25 Reissue in 16ohms
  • Brit 65C: Inspired by Marshall® 1965A 4×10 Closed Back with Celestion® G10L-35
  • Brit Std: Inspired by Marshall® 1936 2×12 Celestion® G12T
  • Brit VintC: Inspired by Marshall® 1960A 4×12 closed back Celestion® Vintage 30 speakers
  • Celestion Ruby Open 1×12: Celestion® 1×12 cabinet with Celestion Ruby speaker
  • Copperback Closed 4×12 Celestion: Celestion® 4×12 cabinet with Celestion Neo 250 Copperback speakers
  • DarkPrinz: Inspired by Fender® Princeton 1×10 with Oxford 10J4-3 speaker
  • Eddie: Inspired by Peavey® 5150 2×12 Sheffield 1200
  • ENGL E112VB: Engl® E112VB with Celestion® Vintage 30 speaker
  • G12M Greenback Closed 4×12 Celestion: Celestion® 4×12 cabinet with Celestion G12M Greenback speakers
  • Greatsh: Inspired by Gretsch® 6159 amp cabinet with two Jensen® C12-PS
  • Rand RD112: Inspired by Randall® RD112 1×12 angled with Celestion® Vintage 30
  • Revv 2×12 Open Back V1: Revv® 2×12 open back with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet 30 and ET 90 drivers
  • Revv 4×12 Closed Back V1: Revv® 4×12 closed back with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet 30 and ET 90 drivers
  • Sig H75 LD: Inspired by Two-Rock® 2×12 cabinet with Celestion® G12-H75 speaker
  • Silver77: Inspired by Fender® Twin Reverb® 2×12 with orange JBL® speakers
  • Superblue: Inspired by Fender® 4×10 Super Reverb
  • Tanger Fat: Inspired by PPC412HP© 4×12 Orange® with Celestion® Heritage G12H & G12M Heritage Greenback
  • The One: Inspired by Brunetti® Neo1512 with 1×12 and 1×15 speakers
  • Vibro V30: Inspired by Fender® Vibrolux® 1×12 Celestion® V30 speaker
  • Victory Kraken 212V Classic: Victory® Kraken® 2×12 cabinet with Celestion® V30 speakers
  • Victory Sheriff 412C Classic: Victory® Sheriff® 4×12 cabinet with Celestion® G12H speakers
  • Voice 30: Inspired by Vox® AC30 JMI 2×12 Celestion® “Silver Bell”
  • Watt FanC: Inspired by Hiwatt® 2×12 Fane closed back


These DynIR Cabinets are not included in C.A.B. M+ Firmware upgrade for existing Torpedo C.A.B. M devices.

You can purchase them separately on the Two Notes Store.


  • BassFlex: Inspired by Ampeg© Portaflex© B15N with original 15“ CTS speaker
  • Fridge: Inspired by Ampeg© 8×10
  • MetalBigBass: Inspired by Hartke® 410TP
  • OCBass410: Inspired by Form Factor Audio® 4×10
  • SilverRumble: Inspired by Fender© Rumble 500 2×10 with Eminence© speakers
  • Tio: Inspired by EBS® 611 with 1×15 and 1×10 Eminence© speakers


These DynIR Cabinets are not included in C.A.B. M+ Firmware upgrade for existing Torpedo C.A.B. M devices.

You can purchase them separately on the Two Notes Store.


  • Carefully replicated from an all original ’74 SilverFace B’man
  • Unparalleled dynamics and musicality for a warm and lively pedalboard tone
  • Goes from a transparent clean tone to a delightful crunch complimenting your dirt pedals
  • Virtually noiseless, even at +12dB input gain
  • Guitar and bass modes for adjusted frequency responses
  • Gain, Volume, Bass, Medium and Treble knobs


  • Four classic tube types : EL84, EL34, 6L6, KT88
  • Two circuit types : Class A (Single Ended) and Class A/B (Push-Pull)
  • Two tube modes : Pentode and Triode
  • Volume, Contour and Depth knobs




  • Virtual Cabinets come with captures from 8 studio and live microphones (Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon)
  • Dynamic IRs are phase-corrected, preventing any phase issue
  • Blend two microphones together
  • Have direct access to 300+ Virtual Cabinets via the Two Notes Store


  • Distance : from close miking to room tone, stepless
  • Axis : from cone center to speaker shell, stepless
  • Front and back of the cabinet



  • Eliminates unwanted noises from your guitar and pedals
  • Soft/hard gate settings
  • Noise level learn function


  • Sculpts the tone coming out of the Virtual Cabinet
  • Five customisable semi-parametric bands going from -20dB to +20dB (and a low-cut filter)


  • Dynamics and frequency shaping tool to beef up your tone
  • Guitar and bass modes for adjusted frequency responses
  • Thickness and Brilliance knobs for low-end and high-end emphasis
  • Body knob to make your tone cut through


  • 8 legacy Room Ambience algorithms (Studio A & B, Loft, Cathedral, Basement, Hall A & B, Crypt)
  • 4 new Reverb algorithms (Spring, Plate, Tile, Chamber)


  • Replaces Virtual Cabinet miking with up to two standard wave file IRs
  • IR lengths supported up to 200ms
  • Adjustable performance mode for ultra-low latencies down to 2.2ms


  • Works with guitars and basses
  • Customisable A frequency from 410Hz to 490Hz
  • Easy to reach with the press of a finger