Tone King Falcon Grande 20W combo amplifier *Custom Shop "blackened tuna"

Maker: Tone King

Model: Falcon Grande *custom blackened tuna tolex

Condition: New



The Falcon Grande sings with the voice of a classic, vintage tube amp… three of them, actually. Even with a straight-forward volume/tone front end, this amp boasts immense flexibility. The secret lies in a 3-position voicing switch that changes the amp’s character from clear and spanky (Rhythm) to warm and compressed (Tweed) or a singing overdrive (Lead). And you’re able to fine-tune your tone with our lush spring reverb and onboard Ironman II reactive load power attenuator. The Falcon Grande is a rootsy-sounding powerhouse as ready for the arena as it is the living room.

  • The intuitive and interactive tone stack
  • Foot-switchable 3-position Voice control (Tweed, Rhythm, Lead)
  • Ironman II reactive attenuation
  • Solid state spring reverb with wide-ranging control
  • 20W, 1×12”


The Falcon Grande only needs three knobs to take you through the best of vintage American tube amplification. Simply chose your voicing and dial in the highly interactive volume and tone controls. You’ll find that you have all the tones you’ll ever need in no time.


The Ironman II reactive power attenuator gives Tone King amplifiers increased flexibility for any gig, session, or rehearsal. Just crank your amp to the sweet spot then rein in the volume for thick, rich tone at usable levels. And thanks to its reactive load technology and HF Compensation, you’ll always maintain your cranked amp tone and feel.


The unmistakable drip of spring reverb has helped define the tone of many vintage, American-voiced combo amps. And we have gone into painstaking detail to re-create those same thick, splashing, dripping tones in our own tube-driven circuit, perfectly capturing the sound and character of the originals.


Every Tone King combo amplifier is outfitted with a 12” Eminence speaker that has been voiced to deliver the top-shelf tone our brand demands. As soon as you hit your first notes, you’ll experience the detailed overtones, warm lows, and vocal-like mids all displaying pristine sonic detail.


From the tolex to the wiring, every Tone King amplifier is constructed with a passion for tone and reliability, right here in the US. We use only premium baltic birch in the construction of our cabinets and amp shells. And every amp is meticulously hand-built to deliver top-notch tone every time you plug in.

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