ThorpyFX Fat General Compressor

$295.00 USD

Maker: ThorpyFX

Model: Fat General Compressor

Condition: New



From Adrian Thorpe:

The Fat General is our take on what a compressor should be. It is an evolution of Dan coggins original Otc-201 compressor. With knobs for sustain, blend and treble, it has the ability to squish without destroying your Guitars fundamental sound. There are two modes available, “Juicy” is a compressed signal with a small amount of dry signal blended into it. As the sustain knob increases the dry signal reduces. The “BLEND” mode introduces parallel blending so that you have more dry signal sitting parallel to the compressed signal but remaining full, fat and awesome. Rather than dulling your guitars signal you’ll find the treble control allows you keep and enhance the sparkle from your guitar.