Surfy Industries SurfyBear Reverb Studio Edition

$650.00 USD

Maker: Surfy Industries

Model: SurfyBear Reverb Studio Edition

Condition: New



This the long awaited version of our popular SurfyBear reverb dedicated to professional users and recording applications. Still inspired by the legendary Fender®-style spring reverb, it features modern functionalities to handle line level signals and integration in DAW environments.

★ includes SurfyPan type-4 spring reverb pan by Accutronics® and Surfy Industries

★ thick steel body construction for better shielding against interferences

★ advanced "decay" control with threshold setting

★ "width" control to generate a pseudo-stereo image

★ line level input and output connections with 1/4" jack or XLR

★ instrument signal level 1/4" jack inputs in front