Strymon Zuma Mounting Kit- Brackets for Pedaltrain Pedalboards

$19.00 USD
By Strymon

Maker: Strymon

Model: Zuma Mounting Kit

Condition: New



  • Zuma Mounting Kit - brackets for Pedaltrain pedalboards

    These mounting brackets can be used to mount your Zuma high-current DC power supply underneath your PedalTrain® pedalboard.

    These brackets are compatible with:

    Pedaltrain PT-3/Pro/Grande
    Pedaltrain Novo 18/24/32

    Pedaltrain Classic Jr/1/2/Pro
    Pedaltrain Terra 42
    Pedaltrain Fly

    The Zuma Mounting Kit is not compatible with older model Pedaltrain boards (PT-1, PT-2, PT-JR) with holes on the rear brace instead of an open pass through for the length of the board. For those boards, we recommend affixing Zuma to your board with Dual-Lock®.

    The Zuma Mounting Kit is not compatible with Zuma R300.