Stomp Under Foot X Coast Sonic - The Amherst Fuzz

$199.00 USD

Maker: Stomp Under Foot

Model: The Amherst '76 Ram's Head

Condition: New



Everyone has their personal opinion for what they consider to be the gold standard in fuzz but around here it’s the sounds J Mascis delivers whether it be with Dinosaur Jr., The Fog or any of his other projects. J’s weapon of choice is a Ram’s Head version of the Big Muff from the mid 1970’s.

The 1970’s were a spotty period for guitar gear, with sales waning quality and consistency became an issue with many of the main brands at the time. It is believed that during the production of the Ram’s Head component supply was rather inconsistent so they would use what they had on hand meaning circuits could vary even within a model year. As both a collector and bona-fide connoisseur of Muff pedals J has a vast collection of Ram’s Head pedals. In this collection, for him one stands out above the rest and has been his trusty recording companion for years.

A while back J sent his personal holy grail of Ram’s Heads to Matt at Stomp Under Foot to have him trace the circuit and make him a clone. Being that Matt has become a serious scientist as far as Muff variations were not surprised that the word was he was very pleased with the results.

Being big fans of everything J has done through the years this seemed like the most logical place to start for our first exclusive release.

We are extremely pleased to present the Amherst Fuzz; built from Matt’s traced schematic of J’s famous muff using modern equivalent components in order to make it more feasible, reliable and affordable. The results are an extremely dynamic fuzz with a beautiful wide range of useful tones – far from the one trick pony’s that some muffs can be.

Hand made by Stomp Under Foot, as our tribute to the man who’s sound we hold dear.

 Available exclusively from Coast Sonic.


 Neither Coast Sonic nor Stomp Under Foot are affiliated with J. Mascis nor is this endorsed by him. It is simply our tribute to his special sound, reverse engineered from his pedal.