Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT

$349.00 USD

Maker: Source Audio

Model: Nemesis

Condition: New



The Nemesis Delay Returns - Better Than Ever!! Say hello to the Nemesis Delay ADT, our monster mashing delay pedal with 26 different styles of delay, stereo ins & outs, tap tempo, and more. New features of the Nemesis Delay ADT include an analog dry through signal path, enhanced MIDI functionality, 100 factory loaded presets, and an updated collection of delay effects available on the face of the pedal. And (because we care)... Nemesis ADT is compatible with the over 1,000 presets created and published for the original Nemesis Delay by the Neuro Community.

Over the past couple years, we have received many requests to give the Nemesis Delay the same analog dry through signal path that we put into our Ventris Dual Reverb and Collider Delay+Reverb. But what is, “analog dry through?” Well, it means that the instrument’s dry signal remains completely unprocessed, maintaining a 100% pure analog path that runs in parallel with the pedal’s delay effects. Roger (Source Audio's owner) had this to say about it, “The proper execution of Analog Dry Through in a pedal like Nemesis is not trivial. Arbitrary analog levels must be stored and saved as part of presets, which requires expensive high quality digitally controlled analog mixers. When creating Nemesis, we underestimated the demand for Analog Dry. Now that we have perfected a solution in Ventris and Collider, we are pleased to respond to the loud chorus from delay fanatics around the world: MAKE NEMESIS ADT! And so, we have.”

The Nemesis includes twelve basic delay effect engines, with more effects available in the Neuro Mobile App. Existing effect engines can also be further edited using the Neuro App’s extended set of adjustable parameters.

  • Slapback — Synonymous with rockabilly guitar effects, Slapback delivers a short single-repeat echo based on early tape delay machines.
  • Digital — A classic clear digital delay with optional delay time modulation. The intensity knob controls filtering allowing for high pass filters (creating a thinner delay sound) or low pass filters (creating a warmer delay sound). 12 o’clock on the Intensity knob offers a 100% pure, unfiltered delay. The Nemesis features a 56-bit signal path with a 24-bit delay line for immaculately clean repeats.
  • Diffuse — A delay line with a diffusion effect that smears the attack of the repeated signal, softening it and allowing it to blend in more easily with the unprocessed dry signal. This creates an ethereal sound reminiscent of classic “oil can” delay systems.
  • Analog — The sound of classic bucket brigade analog delays. Successive delays are warm, resonant and increasingly lo-fi.
  • Tape — A detailed re-creation of classic moving-head tape delays. Tape captures all the characteristic flutter, warmth, and color that give vintage tape delay machines like the Echoplex and Space Echo their classic charm.
  • Noise Tape — A detailed re-creation of classic fixed-head tape delays. Noise Tape is grittier and darker than the Tape engine, capturing the sound of old or damaged tape.
  • Resonant — A Carbon Copy inspired delay effect, based on a particularly dramatic analog bucket brigade delay, characterized by its quickly degenerating echo that shaves off more and more high and low frequencies with each subsequent repeat. 
  • Shifter — A delay with polyphonic pitch-shifting on the delayed signal. Choose from octave (either up or down), minor or major 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths.
  • Helix — This angelic delay effect combines reverse delay with an octaver to create a strange, shimmering delay that disappears into the upper frequency range.
  • Reverse — The classic reverse tape sound made popular made popular by a number of iconic psychedelic ere guitar players who shall remain nameless. The Nemesis creates several overlapping reversed delays that fade in and fade out regularly to create a pulsing tremolo effect.
  • Oil Can — Captures the sound of a 1950’s Tel-Ray Electronics Sound Chamber, an oil can delay famous for its rotating oil filled canister that created haunting and reverberant echoes with a mild chorusing effect
  • Drum Echo — Seizes the magic of a Binson Echorec rotating drum delay unit, famously used on several Pink Floyd tracks. The Echorec is known for its multiple playback heads and rhythmic delay patterns.