Skreddy Pedals Lunar Module Fuzz

$249.00 USD

Maker: Skreddy Pedals

Model: Lunar Module Fuzz

Condition: New




The Skreddy Pedals Lunar Module was designed for "that" certain silicon fuzz tone guitar solo I fell in love with on a best-selling 1973 album.

(okay, it's the "Time" solo)
I intentionally voiced this thing aggressive so it will cut through any mix.  Very satisfying and addictive "vintage" fuzz tone.

Unlike typical silicon fuzzes, which can sound thin and raspy, the Lunar Module has a fat sound and can be darkened to taste.

Old-School Fuzz in a New, Modern Design

  • Great classic silicon fuzz tones but with control and tweakability
  • Gets along with other effects
  • Reliable and consistent--not touchy or temperamental
  • Huge range, from tight, aggressive overdrive/distortion to sustaining, ultra-saturated fuzz
  • Of course true bypass, LED, DC power