Skreddy Pedals Hybrid overdrive

Maker: Skreddy Pedals

Model: Hybrid overdrive

Condition: New



The Skreddy Pedals Hybrid Overdrive cleans up extremely well with the guitar volume and has an authentic rock voice like a huge early 70's British tube amplifier.

This circuit has less gain and more headroom compared to the Skreddy Major Overdrive.  Sounds nearly identical to the Hybrid Fuzz Driver (same oldschool-silicon-germanium fuzz stage) but has a stronger tone control for less high-end fizz and better ability to darken at min, an ever-so-slightly stronger low-midrange, and it stays punchy and cutting even at max gain, never gets mushy.

Has a singing, vintage voice with plenty of gain just shy of fuzz and gets along with all kinds of pickups.  The tone is focused but balanced.  The attack is amp-like and cutting with dynamic overdrive that responds intuitively to guitar volume, pickup selection, and picking technique.

Very reactive to the touch; notes are sweet, chords have excellent string separation, and there is plenty of crunch and growl while holding together and not going fuzzy and compressed.

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