Skreddy Pedals Dynamic Mids Enhancer

$169.00 USD

Maker: Skreddy Pedals

Model: Dynamic Mids Enhancer

Condition: New



The Skreddy Pedals Dynamic Mids Enhancer sweetens, expands, optimizes, and focuses your guitar tone; it restores lost dynamics and detail while bringing your desired midrange frequencies forward in the mix.

The noise floor stays flat (virtually zeroself-noise) but signal peaks are multiplied, giving you more cut, more chime, more punch, and more clarity--perfect for solo boosts or whenever you want to spotlight your playing.

Amazing clean boost, but also works wonders stacked with dirt.  Best used AFTER your overdrive or fuzz pedals.

This high input impedance, ultra-clean circuit minimizes signal adulteration and boasts amazing transparency. 

Sculpt your guitar signal to bring out the best clean sound and with dirt leave the mush and the fizz behind.  Whenever you get tired of it, you can tweak the controls for a whole new sound.  Unlike a typical tone stack or graphic eq, these frequency-gain controls do not create losses or fight with one another or impart phase shifts to the signal.  Nothing but clear, open, clean tone.

You can adjust your gain along three midrange contours to dial in your desired sonic impact and character.  But there are no harsh, unpleasant, or distorted tones in this pedal--you won't be able to make it sound bad.  And unlike running an overdrive after your fuzz to bring out the mids, this pedal will not add extra noise or compression; instead, it will make your dynamics pop and bring up detail, dimension, and articulation.

Sounds fantastic at 9v, but try it with 12v or 18v for even more dynamic punch, volume, and clarity.