Skreddy Pedals Cosmos Fuzz

$214.00 USD

Maker: Skreddy Pedals

Model: Cosmos

Condition: New




Powerful overdrive with the buzzy edge of a vintage fuzz while retaining the guitar's essential tone

Skreddy Pedals™ Cosmos:

Vintage fuzz you can play instead of it playing you

Starting with the oldest fuzz circuits from the early/mid 60's, I fixed all the gating, sagging, oscillation, lack of sustain, and nasaly tone and created a transparent overdrive that carries the fuzz tradition without mangling your sound or frustrating your efforts.

Yes, I left in a decent amount of the characteristic chopping off of the low end that was part of the signature "Fuzztone" sound, but it's now a barky overdrive instead of a jar of bees.

Now you can get that certain magic raspy, frizzy, buzzy tone as part of your sound (not your whole sound) in a pedal-board-friendly package that is intuitive and reliable.

Oldschool mojo without the oldschool headaches

Ever wanted to nail some classic fuzz tone only to find that the devices that created those were basically impossible to actually play? Bad transistor biasing produced a poor result with severe gating and sagging, and the original designs typically imparted an overwhelming tonal signature that destroyed the guitar's sonic footprint.

I always wanted to know how to get just that signature frizz and buzzy edge but while retaining the guitar's tone and with a natural sounding attack and decay. Not finding any such device in existence, of course I made one myself.

Controls: Level and Attack.

  • Level of course is output volume, which will be very intuitive and provide tons of extra if you like it loud.

  • Attack is the gain control, which will take you from clean and transparent to aggressive with that slightly synthy fuzz edge but never overtaking the guitar's essential character or string articulation. Will momentarily cut your sound while you adjust it, because it is actually re-setting the transistor's bias point.