Seymour Duncan Joe Bonamassa ‘63 Cradle Rock Strat Limited Edition Set

$375.00 USD

Maker: Seymour Duncan

Model: Joe Bonamassa ‘63 Cradle Rock

Condition: New




Joe Bonamassa first laid eyes on the “Cradle Rock” Strat® as a teenager at the Philadelphia Guitar Show in 1994. He purchased the then-pristine 1963 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster®, and it became one of the most sentimental pieces in his collection. Named after the Rory Gallagher tune Joe recorded on his debut album, the pickups in this Strat® had a distinctive powerful sound that he wanted to share with guitarists chasing this seminal tone. The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop engineered the period-correct wind, aged the magnets, and color-matched the covers until Joe deemed these pickups a “spot on” recreation. Crafted in the Custom Shop, the Cradle Rock Strat® Set is limited to 1000 units, with Joe’s printed signature on each pickup.

Bridge - Alnico 5

Middle - Alnico 5

Neck - Alnico 5


DC Resistance: 

Bridge - 6.33k

Middle - 6.15k

Neck - 6.15k


Cable Type: Cloth Push-Back