Seymour Duncan Green Magic Humbucker set Nickel

$298.00 USD

Maker: Seymour Duncan

Model: Green Magic

Condition: New



Guitarists have long sought out the lonesome hollow blues rock tones that emerged in the late 60’s. For one guitarist, his signature tone was achieved as the result of a fortunate accident – a pickup with a magnet installed backwards.

With the Green Magics, when each pickup is chosen individually, you’ll get the classic neck and bridge tones expected with vintage voiced humbuckers. In the combined position, with the neck pickup’s reversed magnet, the pickups will be out of phase with each other, giving the clarity and expressiveness generally associated with single coils.

For any guitarist wanting to expand the versatility of their guitar and capture the authentic tones of blues rock’s golden era with a touch of the supernatural, get the Green Magic set.

Magnet: Alnico 2
Cable: 4c Shielded
Type: Passive
DCR:  Neck: 7.7k, Bridge: 8.7k