Sabbadius Electronics Black Gold Distortion

Maker: Sabbadius Electronics

Model: Black Gold Distortion

Condition: New



The SABBADIUS Black Gold is a very versatile analog Distortion pedal that goes from a

Booster passing through that sound so named lately as “Glassy” Tones to a warm Overd rive

going also through a soft Clipping Distortion to a HARD Distortion until reaching the sound of a

Fuzz with a lot of Sustain .

The SABBADIUS Black Gold “Versatile Distortion” is inspired by the famous ProCo RAT

and uses the LM308 integrated circuit just like the old 80s and 90s version of the mentioned

pedal. Although it is worth clarifying that the SABBADIUS Black Gold is not a copy of

the RAT since they have some modifications made in the tone and Distortion control, thus

making this pedal even mo re versatile.

The controls are 3:

VOLUME: Controls the Output Volume of the effect.

DRIVE: With this control you give the amount of Drive (Saturation) to the effect which makes it

one of the main versatile characteristics of this pedal. From Min. To Max . You go through a lot

of sounds and colors changes, sustain and aggressiveness.

TONE: This control the tone of the effect that tints from the lowest and warmest tones to the

most screeching and glassy tones that mixing with the DRIVE knob you can obtain incredible


It is a 100% Handmade pedal in Córdoba Argentina with 3PDT (True Bypass) mechanical


This pedal can be powered with a 9 Volt battery which is housed behind the 3PDT between the

Footswitch and the back base plate where it says BAT. It can also be powered with a regulat ed

and stabilized 9 Volt-100mA (2.1mm NEGATIVE CENTER PIN) Like BOSS pedals.


Length: 120mm x Width 90mm (incl uding input and output Jacks)

Height: 55mm (Including knobs and kickstands)

Weight: 380grs. Approx.

Enclosure Material: 100% Aluminum .

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