Porter Pickups S90 Strat set

$255.00 USD
By Porter

Maker: Porter Pickups

Model: S90 Strat

Condition: New



The Porter S90 pickup is a hybrid we developed to give you something different tonally in a single coil housing. You could think of it as a regular single coil pickup on steroids. The S90’s are more aggressive, louder and edgier than a traditional AlNiCo rod single coil pickup. They will drive your amp harder due to the aggressive ceramic magnets underneath and a DC reading that’s close to many humbuckers we offer. When used as a set with a RW/RP middle pickup, the S90’s still achieve a convincing “quack” in positions 2 & 4 of a 5-way switch. 

43 AWG Poly Wire. Adjustable poles. Typical resistance range is high 6K to upper 7k from neck to bridge. RWRP middle pickup is standard in a set purchase.