Porter Pickups P90 Soapbar set

$250.00 USD
By Porter

Maker: Porter Pickups

Model: P90 Soapbar set

Condition: New



The Smooth P90 is great for blues and jazz tones and clean chords AlNiCo 2 Magnets. We use a winding pattern with these p90s to help bring out the tight notes and big sound. Standard output winding results in 7k range for the neck and 8k range for the bridge. Braided hookup wire and wax potted to prevent excess microphonic feedback.

42 AWG Polyl wire.Typical resistance range is 7K to 8k from neck to bridge. Dual AlNiCo 2 bar magnets. Softer response, less power than the Classic P90. More focused on smoothness, sustain while not getting too muddy.