Porter Pickups Anthem PAF Humbucker set

$275.00 USD
By Porter

Maker: Porter Pickups

Model: Anthem PAF Humbucker Set

Condition: New



The Anthems are our take and tribute to the classic original humbucker design. It’s said that no two PAF’s are the same, and with the Anthems, we’ve put in several elements that have been found in our favorite PAF’s. The end result is a pickup that is balanced well and responds to pick attack, and your playing. The Anthems have plenty of rich harmonic clarity to spare and a killer vintage translation of your playing style.

Our standard wind and specs for the Anthems, and the one we feel represents them well is in the 7-8k range (bridge and neck) and both pickups with AlNiCo V magnets. During our development we tested Anthems with these specs against several vintage PAF’s in order to find the right inspiration for their design.

The Porter Anthem PAF Humbuckers make new guitars sound like old guitars, and give you the vintage tones you hear on the old recordings. They accurately translate your playing and respond well to different guitar, amp, and effect types without losing their clarity and punch.

  • Scatter wound with a proprietary pattern
  • Black or Zebra Butyrate Bobbins 49.2mm string spacing
  • Metal Braided Hookup Wire, long leg baseplates (Unless otherwise noted)
  • AlNiCo V Magnets
  • Wax Potted (Standard) (Un-potted available‚
  • Maple Spacer
  • Neck is a low 7k wind stock and bridge is high 7k or right at 8. We feel this best represents the PAF tone we like most.