Pedal Pawn Chicken Quiff

Maker: Pedal Pawn

Model: Chicken Quiff

Condition: New 




“Best Tremolo Of 2021” - Josh Scott (JHS Pedals)

The original Cesar Diaz Texas Tremodillo pedals have gained LEGENDARY status! Sadly they’re now unobtainable, though if found on the used market… they’re equipped with an outrageous price tag to match their prestige.


We’ve reverse engineered that lush tremolo magic & are now proud to present the - Pedal Pawn ® Chicken Quiff ™  Featuring the coolest looking chicken to ever exist, this dual speed design can accelerate you from a slow soulful pulse, to a fast 60’s shimmer - all at the tap of a button!

Chicken Quiff ™ Features

•Lush 60’s ‘black panel’ style pulse

•Rate control (speed)

•Dwell control (depth)

•Dual speed footswitch operation (doubles or halfs the tremolo rate)

•Pulsing LED indicator light

•Handcrafted one at a time in the UK

•Hand drilled, powder coated & screen printed in the UK

•Standard 9v power input 

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