Pedal Pawn Bluesprint Dual Overdrive

$368.00 USD

Maker: Pedal Pawn

Model: Bluesprint

Condition: New 


Introducing the Pedal Pawn® BluesPrint™ Dual Overdrive Guitar Pedal!

Side 1: After gaining confidential access to one of SRV’s original 1983 Screamer pedals, we've finally unlocked the BluesPrint™ to the juiciest, fat mid-hump overdrive tone ever! 

The reference unit we selected has a strong possibility of being the same pedal used during Stevie's legendary El Mocambo performance, boasting a distinctively clear and dynamic sound for a ‘green’ style circuit.

Side 2: Reverse-engineered to ‘break’ the original blues code, this second side delivers a 1:1 vintage warm and punchy tone that would continuum to put hairs on John Mayer's chest!

But here's where the real magic happens: When you combine Side 1 and Side 2, you can unlock a secret pathway to your own signature overdrive tone with the limitless tonal options at hand!

BluesPrint™ Features:

• Side 1: Fat, clear & dynamic TS-style

• Side 2: Vintage, warm & punchy BB-style

• Independent Volume, Drive, and Tone knobs

• Internal A-B / B-A order switch

• Handcrafted in the UK

• Standard 9V power input

• True bypass switching