Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact Overdrive

Maker: Origin Effects

Model: Cali76 Stacked Edition

Condition: New



Massive RevivalDRIVE Tone in a Slimmed-down Package

The Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact overdrive pedal exhibits the stellar sound of its big brother, the RevivalDRIVE, but in a pared-down format. With just six control knobs — Gain, Output, Highs, Lows, More/Presence, and Blend — you have access to a vast range of the most sought-after vintage amp overdrive tones of the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. Use the Gain control to set your drive level and the Output control to tailor how hard the pedal hits your amp. Sweep through a broad spectrum of preamp voicing modes with the Highs control. Dial in low-frequency distortion with the Lows control to add heft to the bottom end. More/Presence lets you choose the pedal’s breakup characteristics from a selection of British and American amp profiles. But these aren’t digital emulations. The all-analog RevivalDRIVE Compact features real circuit topology to achieve its matchless tones. It also includes a post-overdrive EQ for shaping the sound so that it works perfectly with your amp of choice. The Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE pedals were an instant hit with guitarists and feature some of the best overdrive we’ve ever heard. And the RevivalDRIVE Compact is an excellent option for guitarists who want a no-frills version that fits on any pedalboard!

Origin Effects: superior pedals for discerning tone chasers

Origin Effects’ founder and lead designer, Simon Keats, has an outstanding resume, working alongside numerous venerated pro audio equipment manufacturers. As a guitarist, Simon recognized a need for effects pedals that offer a high degree of quality and musicality not always available outside of custom-made devices. Origin Effects was created to answer that need. To ensure the highest quality product possible, every Origin Effects pedal is hand-assembled, individually inspected, and manufactured using only premium components. Origin Effects is not your typical pedal company. They’re committed to serving the most discerning players who are on a quest to achieve the best possible tone.


  • Massive range of classic amp tones using real circuit topology
  • Re-create the sounds of your favorite vintage American and British amps
  • Huge overdrive at neighbor-friendly volumes
  • Post-overdrive EQ matches the pedal to your amp for the best possible sound
  • Housed in a hand-polished stainless-steel enclosure
  • Manufactured with premium componentry
  • Assembled by hand and individually inspected

Tech Specs

  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Manufacturer Part Number:OEX-0001-00

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