Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition Compressor

$419.00 USD

Maker: Origin Effects

Model: Cali76 Stacked Edition

Condition: New



Sweeten Your Tone with Studio-grade Dual Compression

Guitarists know that the secret to crafting super-fat overdrive tones and spanky, crystal-clear clean tones is to use a high-quality compressor in their signal chain. And what’s better than one compressor? Two, of course! With Origin Effects’ Cali76 Stacked Edition compressor pedal, you get two studio-grade FET compressors, housed in a pedalboard-friendly, brushed stainless-steel enclosure. Its unique in-series compressor design lets you cascade one compressor into the next to add top-end clarity, midrange impact, and dial up some liquid sustain. Each compressor has an Attack/Release knob for fine-tuning the dynamic responsiveness of the compressors. Employ compression subtly or completely slam it. The power is in your hands! And once you’ve perfected your compressed sound, you can dial as little or as much of the uncompressed signal back in to retain detail and nuance ­­— a classic studio trick employed for decades. The Origin Effects Cali76 Stacked Edition compressor pedal is no mere utility; it’s a powerful tone shaper that, once you try, you’ll never want to be without!

Origin Effects: superior pedals for discerning tone chasers

Origin Effects’ founder and lead designer, Simon Keats, has an outstanding resume, working alongside numerous venerated pro audio equipment manufacturers. As a guitarist, Simon recognized a need for effects pedals that offer a high degree of quality and musicality not always available outside of custom-made devices. Origin Effects was created to answer that need. To ensure the highest quality product possible, every Origin Effects pedal is hand-assembled, individually inspected, and manufactured using only premium components. Origin Effects is not your typical pedal company. They’re committed to serving the most discerning players who are on a quest to achieve the best possible tone.


  • Studio-grade dual FET compressor in a pedal format
  • Compressors run in series for an incredibly rich, stacked sound
  • Each compressor has independent Attack/Release control for shaping dynamic response
  • Gently control dynamics, dial up long liquid sustains, or craft a range of tones in between
  • Employ parallel compression using the Dry blend control knob — a classic studio trick
  • Housed in a hand-polished stainless-steel enclosure
  • Manufactured with premium componentry
  • Assembled by hand and individually inspected

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Stacked FET Compressor
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Bypass Switching:Buffered
  • Additional Features:Class A Circuitry
  • Power Source:9-18V DC power supply required (sold separately)
  • Power Usage:82mA @ 9V, 108mA @ 18V
  • Height:2.32"
  • Width:2.59"
  • Depth:5.59"
  • Weight:1.36 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:OEX-0005-00