Organic Sounds Zeus

$349.00 USD

Maker: Organic Sounds

Model: Zeus

Condition: New



Organic Sounds [Zeus]
Isn't the characteristic of this pedal "naturally deeply distorted"? When used as a good quality clean booster with reduced gain, it gives a comfortable compression and a crisp luster without disturbing either the guitar or amp character. In the crunch sound when the gain is raised, I am surprised that the attack sound of the guitar is kept firmly. Furthermore, since only the good part of the guitar range is distorted, it does not become boomy even in deep distortion.
Also, even if you use it as a "crunch booster to a tube amp" like SD-9, the sound is excellent. Try it for a 2000s loud blues rock sound approach.
This is the OverDrive pedal next to Hydra and Ares. With a buffered bypass, the sound is natural and deep when the pedal is off. A natural sound that also has a preamp element when the pedal is on and low gain. Furthermore, even when the gain is raised, a fat drive with a core is added without impairing the sense of speed. It has good followability to the volume of the guitar and has a rich sound variation.