Old Blood Noise Endeavors Sunlight Dynamic Reverb *Prism limited edition*

$219.00 USD

Maker: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Model:  Sunlight Dynamic Reverb

Condition: New



The Sunlight dynamically held reverb plays on the relationship between pedal and player, input and output.  Sunlight features three new reverb algorithms unique to the Old Blood lineup, each with the added ability to freeze the reverb trails when the player stops playing.

Sunlight features:

• Input knob for dynamic sensitivity and Decay knob for reverb feedback to create enveloping infinite reverb
• Tape, Comb, and Pass modes to apply wobbling vibrato, stacked resonant delays, or random step filtering to the reverb
• Rate and Depth controls specific to each mode
• Expression control over Input, Decay, Rate, and Depth parameters
• Alt footswitch to quickly snap to a particular knob setting
• Soft-touch switching with true relay bypass
• Requires at least 80mA 9VDC center negative power