Old Blood Noise Endeavors Beam Splitter

$229.00 USD

Maker: Old Blood Noise Endeavors

Model:  Beam Splitter

Condition: New



Beam Splitter takes one signal and makes three copies of it, each with differing overdrive voices and delay times. It is specifically our way of creating a huge sound out of a regular one. Output can be kept in parallel mono or split individually to three places. While the goal is singular bigness, you can also find strange filters, flangers, lo-fi vibratos, and trailing slap-back echoes using the delay controls and blending everything to taste.

Controls include:

  • Gain, Volume, and Tone to shape the amount of distortion, overall volume, and brightness of each drive section

  • Time to introduce delays up to 125mS on the green and blue sections

  • Decay to add intense filtering or trailing delays, depending on Time

  • Deviate to randomly vary the delay time, giving a more natural feel and chorus effect

  • Top jacks for summed parallel mono output or split output for each drive

  • Expression jack to externally control Deviate knob

  • Soft-touch bypass footswitch for true bypass and minimal switch noise

Requires 9V DC center negative 2.1mm jack power supply capable of 150mA (not included).