Mojotone '59 Modern Humbucker Bridge Pickup Nickel

$119.95 USD

Maker: Mojotone

Model: '59 Modern Humbucker Bridge Pickup (F-Spaced)

Condition: New



Are you looking for our '59 Clone with 4-conductor leads, short leg frames, and maybe even F-spacing as an option? Our '59 Modern is the perfect choice for bridging the gap between modern needs and achieving our most popular vintage '59 Clone P.A.F. humbucker sound.

The 59' Modern is wound with exactly the same specifications as our most popular '59 Clone, but with modern options to accommodate for more guitars and tonal capabilities. Shorter leg frames allow them to fit shallower routes, 4-conductor leads expand your wiring capabilities, and optional F-spacing accommodates for wider, more modern bridge position string spacings. 

Each pickup is very clear and warm with lots of single note articulation. The upper frequency range has exceptional bloom and lots of airy tone with "lightly" potted coils. We meticulously wound each coil with our own pattern and offset to represent what we believe to be the best vintage P.A.F. examples out there.

All come stock with 4-conductor leads, standard or F-spacing, short leg frames, and lightly wax potted coils.  


Bridge: 8.2K
Magnet: Alnico 4
Lead: 4-Conductor
Potted: Yes