Mojotone '59 Clone Jazzmaster Pickup Set White

$141.95 USD

Maker: Mojotone

Model: '59 Clone Jazzmaster Pickup Set

Condition: New



We found many inconsistencies with the originals when it came to output and tone, however, the ones that were special had a certain power and warmth that stood out above the rest. 

Mojotone Jazzmaster® clones represent the most spectacular '59 Jazzmaster® pickups in every way. We do handwound coils with Alnico 5 cast rod magnets, and vintage correct plain enamel wire. The coils aren't just "handwound", we found a specific tension and winding pattern that made them sing and we replicated that perfectly. 

The neck pickup is clear and loud with exceptional clarity and warmth. The bridge pickup has a loose feel with lots of power and tone just like a killer '59 Jazzmaster® pickup. Reverse wound for hum-cancelling when both pickups are together. No doubt we nailed it. Vacuum potted coils.

Bridge: 8.3K (RWRP)
Neck: 7.9K
Magnet: Alnico 5
Lead: Cloth Push-Back
Potted: Yes