Mojotone '52 Quiet Coil Tele Pickup Set Nickel

$185.95 USD

Maker: Mojotone

Model: '52 Quiet Coil Tele

Condition: New




Our approach was very simple, to make a tele pickup with the exact same parts and materials as a vintage tele pickup, without the hum. ‘52 “Quiet Coil™” tele pickups are passive and only use the parts and materials found in original vintage ‘52 tele pickups. Vintage spec 42 and 43 gauge coil wire, lower Gauss Alnico magnets, black fiberboard bobbins, and vintage cloth covered leads. 

No PC boards, batteries, stacked coils, or anything else associated with other hum-canceling pickups were used in our design. The result is simply the most pure and authentic tele tone possible, with absolutely no loss of true single coil tone. They are warm and articulate, with every bit of single coil sparkle and twang, just like original handwound 1952 tele pickups.

NOTE: With all Mojotone “Quiet Coil™” pickups, you never have to worry about string spacing and radius issues, or the magnets pulling the strings out of tune, and you can bend the strings heavily without ever losing focus or sustain. All of this while achieving perfect single coil tone and absolutely no hum!

Quiet Coil Design Features...

-Consistent scatterwound coils for that handwound tone, sensitivity, and clarity.

-Vintage formulated Alnico magnet cores with lower Gauss levels like an aged vintage tele pickup.

-Vintage cloth covered leads for easy push-back soldering.

-Matched resonant peak frequency, inductance, and resistance of a vintage single coil. 

-No routing modifications are required to fit shallow vintage routs like the taller stacked hum-cancelling designs.

-Less than 10 parts are used to build the Quiet Coils. Like a vintage tele pickup, they are SIMPLE!

Neck: 6.7K
Magnet: Alnico 5
Bridge: 7.5K
Magnet: Alnico 5

Note: The neck pickup is pre-wired for use with 4-Way Mod wiring. For standard wiring, the black and yellow wires can be twisted together and connected to ground.