Matthews Effects The Surgeon Delay

$249.99 USD

Maker: Matthews Effects

Model: The Surgeon

Condition: New



We wanted to create a delay that packed in all the advanced features customers wanted but also an accessible experience that made it easy to plug in and instantly get inspired with the music you are able to create. This created the Surgeon.  

Choose between 8 different algorithms divided into 4 categories Eq, Mod, AF, and Dual. Each with their own unique abilities and sounds. 

With Tap, Presets, MIDI, USB, Expression, Ramp and a Computer editor there is no shortage of ways to control and augment your delays.

The Surgeon V2 has a deep set of features to help you augment and control your delays in unique ways!


The surgeon has a total of 127 presets for you to store your creations in


The Surgeon V2 accepts PC and CC messages allowing you to do everything from controlling bypass, jumping to one of 127 presets available and controlling any of the knobs or features all through MIDI.


You are able to send and receive midi via USB but it also connects to our computer editor that lets you create presets, adjust global settings, update firmware and more! The USB can also be used to power the pedal when using the editor and making updates (USB does not provide enough power for use with your guitar so make sure to plug both in if you want to play while updating)


We wanted to do more than just allow you control a knob with expression so we have allowed you to control any or all parameters via expression and also to set the start and end points for those expression sweeps. Adjust one control a little and another drastically, all with the same sweep of your expression pedal.


By holding down the bypass footswitch you will engage the Ramp feature. This is by default set to the “Regen” control and by holding the footswitch, it will bring the control to its maximum setting. When released it will slowly return back to wherever the ramp started from. Not only can you ramp the Regen control but you can ramp any and all controls on the Surgeon and set their ramp end points. Ramp one parameter to its max and another to its minimum allowing you to create unique musical events in your playing. 


Launching with the Surgeon V2 is a complete computer editor for Mac and Windows. The editor gives you full control over all features and settings on the Surgeon and allows you to create and organize your presets. The computer editor will also be where you can download and install firmware updates for the Surgeon. The editor is not required to use the Surgeon.


Choose between Bypass mode that hard cuts your repeats when you turn the pedal off or Tails mode which allows your repeats to continue based on where the regen knob is set

2.67 X 4.77 X 1.55