Mantic Effects Vitriol Distortion

Maker: Mantic Effects

Model: Vitriol Distortion

Condition: New 



The much anticipated Mantic Vitriol distortion: variable high-gain distortion with low and high pass filters. Bassists: rejoice!

Notable users include: Jonathan Hischke, Dominic John Davis, Nathan Latona, Julie Slick, Ikey Owens, and Juan Alderete


-Heavy duty footswitch

-Only premium quality components on a hand-etched, through-hole PCB, precision soldered and wired with passion

-Rugged construction using lightly polished, hand stamped, die cast enclosures

-"Dry" signal output jack

-9V DC center-negative barrel jack (Boss style)

-13mA current draw

*Knob colors vary. 

    Type: Distortion

    Vendor: Mantic Effects

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