LPD Sixty8 Deluxe Overdrive

$290.00 USD

Maker: LPD

Model: Sixty8 Deluxe

Condition: New



The Sixty8 Deluxe takes the original Sixty8 Drive and makes it a performance monster.

We've made the low gain (Green) and high gain (Red) channels foot switchable. This gives access to all those great Plexi tones on the fly. We’ve added a 24dB full range boost that functions independently allowing for use with the Sixty8 or on its own.

We think it’s a winner!

Dimensions - 4.75” x 2.75” x 2”

The boost is clean up to about 1 o’clock then it starts adding it own overdrive/fuzz. A total of 5 different tones are available. Clean (bypass), Green, Green + Boost, Red, and Red + Boost. Couple that with 9-18 volt operation, soft touch switching, rugged construction and elegant styling.

* 9-18 VDC Operation
* Low current draw, 12mA
* Power outage / brown out default to bypass
* Top mounted Switchcraft input, output and DC jacks
* Soft touch click free switching
* Performance switchable independent 24dB adjustable pre-gain Boost
* Two performance switchable Gain modes Red (high) and Green (low)
* Independent control of each of the 3 switching operations; Active/Bypass, Gain Mode, and Boost