LPD Seventy4 Overdrive

$210.00 USD

Maker: LPD

Model: Seventy4

Condition: New



Combine amazing mids, sweet harmonic overtones, presence for days and lush underbelly of lows that can be tuned to match any rig – the vintage ‘70s tones this little marvel can drive are legendary, and the gain available is beyond any throwback tribute.

1974 saw two great Marshall amps. The metal face Plexi and the newly introduced JMP, the first master volume Marshall amp. Anyone who has spent time with great examples of these amps knows what a life altering experience it is. My first was like hearing the voice of the almighty. It’s a tone that became the foundation for me. It’s what I aimed to capture with the Seventy4.

9 volt DC operation, true bypass

Dimensions - 4.5” x 2.375” x 2”