LPD Fifty5 Overdrive

Maker: LPD

Model: Fifty5

Condition: New



The LPD Fifty5 is a celebration of the great American Tweed amplifiers of the 1950’s. These are some of the most recorded amps in history.

A straightforward layout allows quick access to great tones. Level, Drive and Tone controls with Voice and HDRM toggle switches provide the tailoring to match a wide variety of guitar and amp setups. Low, medium and high output sounds are all accessible. The Voice toggle is interactive with the Tone control allowing for more or less low mids and bass. The HDRM toggle shifts between high and low headroom, and is interactive with the Drive control to bring in more or less power amp drive.

Between the normal three knob setup and the two toggles, there are several different amp voices that can be achieved.

Taking advantage of the four possible toggle settings can bring multiple tweed sounds to your rig. Set to low head room, less bass (Voice down), and crank the volume for some awesome Tweed Champ style drive, flip the Voice toggle up and get that Tweed Deluxe vibe, or add more headroom and find the Tweed Bassman tone. The enclosure is a 1955 Chevy Blue, matte finish with LPD custom proprietary knobs.

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