Lollar Special T Series Telecaster Neck Pickup Aged Nickel

$120.00 USD
By Lollar

Maker: Lollar Pickups

Model: Special T Series Neck Pickup

Condition: New



Inspired by the early 1950s Fender Broadcaster pickups, the Lollar Special T Series® is our most popular Tele® pickup—and for good reason! Punchy and powerful, it offers focused midrange with a small bump in compression and a smooth top end. A versatile pickup suitable for a wide variety of playing styles, the Special T is a great fit for players who find most Tele pickups to be too bright, or those looking for a slightly hotter and darker tone while still evoking the best of the Fullerton-era Fender sound.

Avg. DC: Neck 6.3K