Lollar Sixty-Four Stratocaster Pickup Set - Parchment - Flat Pole

$315.00 USD
By Lollar

Maker: Lollar Pickups

Model: Sixty-Four Stratocaster Pickup Set

Condition: New



Jason Lollar’s fascination with guitar tones can be traced back to the sound of early-‘60s (pre-CBS) Strats®. That was the benchmark he aimed for when creating our Sixty-Four Strat® pickup. When you hear them, we think you’ll agree he hit the mark! You get prominent midrange and clear top end with a piano-like attack.

Avg. DC: Neck 6.4K, Middle 6.5K, and Bridge 6.8K

Flat vs. Staggered Poles

As their names suggest, flat-pole pickups have all of the individual pole pieces set at the same height, whereas with staggered-pole pickups the pole pieces are set at different heights. Staggered-pole pickups were originally created to compensate for heavier string gauges—particulary wound 3rd strings.

If you’re unsure which to choose, we typically recommend flat poles rather than staggered. In most cases, flat-pole pickups will give you better string balance, as well as a little more presence, bass and output.