Lollar Novel Foil Gold Foil Dogear Bridge Pickup

$230.00 USD
By Lollar

Maker: Lollar Pickups

Model: Gold Foil Pickup

Condition: New



Thanks to our Gold Foil’s acoustic transparency, it’s one of the most versatile guitar pickups we offer. If you play softly, the fundamental tones are round and full and come to the forefront. Increase your pick attack and you add more high harmonic overtones. Well suited for a variety of playing styles as well as guitars ranging from "Coodercasters" to jazz boxes.

Recommended Potentiometers: 250k
Recommended Capacitor: 0.047μF

Please note: This version of our Gold Foil mounts similarly to a Dogear P-90. This is the "tall" size.


Avg. DC: Bridge 7.2K