Lindy Fralin Split Jazz Bass Pickup Set Black

$280.00 USD

Maker: Fralin Pickups

Model: Split Jazz Bass, stock output

Condition: New




Lindy Fralin Split Jazz Bass Pickups offer a loud, clear and even response to four string bass players with no hum. This bass pickup allows you to get all of the Jazz-Bass vibe that you love, minus the hum. Being a hum-canceling Jazz Bass pickup, it’s fat, thick, and a little thicker sounding than a single-coil Jazz Bass.


Our Split Jazz Bass Pickups are Noiseless Jazz Bass Pickups. They feature USA-Made magnets and wire and are wound by hand, one at a time. Featuring a Left-Right Coil design for no-hum, we guarantee that you will absolutely love the sound of our Split Jazz Bass Pickups. We wind these pickups to 60’s specifications, using top-of-the-line materials to give you a clear, open tone: all across the board.


  • Original Lindy Fralin Hum-Cancelling Design
  • Clean and clear, with a louder midrange
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Raised Center magnet stagger for even string-to-string balance
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects


See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Split Jazz.

Neck Ohm Reading: 11.5K*
Bridge Ohm Reading: 12K*
Magnet Wire: USA-Made 43-Gauge Single Poly Nylon
Magnet Material: USA-Made Alnico 5
Bobbin Material: USA-Made Fiberboard
String Spacing (Neck): 20mm**
String Spacing (Bridge): 21mm**
Style: Hum-Cancelling
Recommended Cap Value**: 0.02mfd