KMA Machines Endgame Duality Calibrator

$379.99 USD

Maker: KMA Machines

Model: Endgame 

Condition: New



Stereo Alchemy

“Forever entwined within the fabric of life, the self and shadow-self embraced in acceptance of their juxtaposition. Harnessing the true balance of their opposing natures, their awakening and ascendance heralded the dawn of a new found ecstasy.”

After years of development work, ENDGAME is our most ambitious creation to date. A highly flexible and comprehensive solution for the end of your signal chain, it is a superb problem solver and convenient creative companion.

Talk about feature packed! With an integrated Stereo FX loop, KMA’s proprietary True Double-Tracker doubler, our own DUAL IR cab with power amp simulation, an Aux Input (also via Bluetooth), real pro-level XLR outputs and extensive routing options, ENDGAME really is a powerhouse for your board, whether touring as a fly rig or practicing at home with headphones. Oh, did we mention Stereo? Now you can finally use all your stereo devices with just one easy to use and compact product – let the alchemy begin!

Main Features

  • The complete final stage of your pedalboard
  • Foot-switchable Stereo Effects Loop
  • Dual Cabinet Simulation (DROAC IR Loader with 3 Celestion Digital® Powered Presets and 2 User slots)
  • Ambience Control – for room simulation
  • Foot-switchable True Double-Tracker (Proprietary Doubler) with Width knob
  • Switchable Tube Power Amp Simulation (6L6/EL34/KT88)
  • Flexible internal signal routing
  • Premium Analog, high-headroom signal input, with high-impedance circuitry
  • Variable Input level (+/-24 dB of gain/reduction) for direct instrument or line level devices
  • Input Direct Thru connection
  • Aux Input – Bluetooth Audio or 3.5 mm Stereo Analog, with Aux/Main Mix/Blend Control
  • Dual Headphone Outputs, with level control
  • Stereo Fully Balanced XLR DI Outputs, with ground lift and Variable Level Control (Mic/ Instrument/ +4 dBu)
  • Stereo 6.35 mm Balanced TRS outputs
  • USB C for loading user Impulse Responses and software updates
  • 32 Bit internal processing
  • Powered by regular 9V PSU (<490 mA)