Kent Armstrong TVTC1B Icon Series Vintage 52 Telecaster Bridge Pickup

$69.00 USD

Maker: Kent Armstrong 

Model: Icon Series Vintage 52 Telecaster Bridge Pickup

Condition: New




  • Magnet Type = Alnico 3
  • Resistance = 6.0KOhms
  • Wire Type = Formvar
  • Leads = Cloth Pushback
  • Base Plate = Stainless Steel

    • Kent Armstrong opened the archives for this replication of a 1952 Tele® single coil bridge pickup using authentic 42 gauge Formvar wire and alnico 3 magnets for that true vintage tone that everyone demands from the boutique winders. Finally Kent added a stainless steel base plate to ensure the magnetic field is not absorbed by a magnetic plate lessening the field strength. Now these great pickups are available to you for a fraction of the cost! Chrome covered neck position available as a partner using part # TVTC1N.